Trends In Women’s Fly Fishing Apparel

Wearing the right fly fishing apparel can truly help to make or break your day on the water. Now, that being said, I’m certainly not going to tell you that you’re going to catch more fish; but by the mere fact that you are in comfortable, working apparel you will be in the right mind set to help you catch more fish. Fly fishing apparel is meant not only to be comfortable, but functional. The end result is, once you put it on, you shouldn’t have to think about it again until your taking it off.

Understanding this overall functionality is only one piece of the puzzle. Currently there are an increasing number of women who are discovering the sport. Slowly, apparel manufacturers are realizing this trend and they are responding with clothing (lưới cáp an toàn) lines designed specifically for women. Make no mistake about it; women can now get their waders, los angeles dodgers hoodie and other supplies in their own size. However, many manufacturers have taken it a step further; they can get brightly colored and fashionable supplies as well.

So “traditionalists” might say, what’s the point of that, you going out to catch fish? While that is true, my women fly fishing counterparts say, “…and we can look good doing it.” Others may scoff, saying that these bright colors scare the fish; I beg to differ. I have seen firsthand that this is not the case, but for those who want more proof, take a stroll on the internet and you can find a multitude of female fly fishing tournament champions who will prove you wrong. Furthermore, women spend at least as much money on their apparel (if not more) than their male counterparts. So why not fill the need?

This trend has not only influenced the apparel selections for women who enjoy fly fishing but other necessary supplies as well. Manufacturers are creating fly rods with thinner grips, specifically made for smaller hands for example. The good news about this trend is, no quality is spared during the manufacturing process. So let’s highlight just some of the examples.

Chest and hip waders are a common an essential piece of fly apparel. Their use is obvious, but no matter if you check out a large retail outlet, small pro shop or online website, you can find a pair designed with the female fly angler in mind. All the same brands as the men, but in sizes and design cuts to fit even the most petite lady without sparing an ounce of comfort or freedom of movement.

Then there are the sunglasses. Yes, these are an essential piece of fly fishing gear. Protecting your eyes from UV rays, all while looking stylish. There are numerous companies manufacturing fashionable sunglasses, even some with Italian style frames which will make even the most discriminating shopper think twice about passing these glasses up.

Times are changing. The bottom line is that men and women may have been created equal, but they are not shaped equal. Believe me, this is a good thing. But these differences have finally caught the attention of the fly fishing industry. This will guarantee that we will continue to see new and innovative styles in women’s fly apparel.

write by anderson